Joe Marlotti

Joe Marlotti
  • Location St. Louis
  • Status SAG
  • Height 5' 9"
  • Suit 40R
  • Neck/Sleeve 16.5x32
  • Hair Dk. Brown
  • Eyes Blue
  • Waist 34"
  • Inseam 32"
  • Shoe 10

Performance Videos

Financial Spokesman
Comedic Sales Rep
High Fives!

"Joe was a STAR! He definitely kept us laughing the entire day and it was a pleasure working with him!" - BizLibrary

"Joe Marlotti was ultra prepared, upbeat, and a real pro. We called him "one-take Marlotti" during the shoot and truly believe we chose wisely when we decided to feature him throughout our project. We would absolutely use him again." - Leinicke Group

"Joe is always fun on set but when the camera rolls, he's all business. He's always perfect." - Price Miner


Conversational, friendly, funny and warm. Wide range. Very strong in accents, characters and impersonations.