Matt W

Matt W
  • Location Kansas City
  • Status SAG
  • Audio


Are you looking for a voice so genuine and dependable, you'd elect him to Congress if you could? How about a voice so comforting and trustworthy, you'd hire him to take you skydiving, fix your car, or close your mortgage loan?   Or maybe you need a voice so likeable, you'll wish he could take your extra ticket to the game so you don't have to sit next to that jackass Jerry from Account Services, again?

Matt's bright, youthful "Midwestern everyman" voice quality injects an energy and enthusiasm into your message without sounding phony or like just another sales guy. And his extensive voice over training coupled with his experience in corporate America ensures that you not only get a voice that sounds right for your project but also a sharp talent who delivers with the utmost professionalism-down to the last word.

Matt has his own recording studio using ProTools editing software, and all of the fancy gear you would expect. He holds an MBA from Baker University, a BA in Business from the University of Northern Iowa, and worked as a Senior Project Manager for Cerner Corporation for many years. He is also an avid world traveler and volunteers by reading for the blind and visually impaired each week.