Andra Harkins

Andra Harkins
  • Location St. Louis
  • Height 5' 5"
  • Shirt XL
  • Dress 16
  • Blouse XL
  • Hair Blonde
  • Eyes Brown
  • Bust 38C
  • Waist 34"
  • Hip 43"
  • Pant 14
  • Shoe 9.5
High Fives!

"I wanted to say thanks again for Andra and her presence and performance on on our project. It was great fun working with her, making me very glad things worked out in that regard." - Brian Spath, Comic Geeks

"Andra was perfect. She fit right in from the gitgo and got along famously with everyone. I felt like I had known her forever! And can she act. She was wonderful working with our client. He actually relaxed in front of the camera, something he's never done before. I give Andra all the credit for that! She gave us exactly what we were looking for, even teared up at one point. What a difference a real actor makes. Love this lady and will use her again for sure!" - Sherry Price, Price-Miner Creative Strategies

"Andra was wonderful this week. We cannot stop talking about how natural she is and how just PERFECT she was in the role we cast her in." - Director Dan Ewald (Belleville The Movie)

"Andra was great and a pleasure to work with" - NX Stage