Tamara Tungate

Tamara Tungate
  • Hair Stylist
  • Makeup Artist

We should just admit up front that Tamara Tungate is perpetually in love - with every single face she works on. People are her favorite part of the industry, and her propensity for finding beauty in every face makes her one of the most outstanding hair, makeup, and wardrobe artists in the business.

Tamara’s been working on both sides of the camera for more than twenty years. She started modeling in high school, and her talent, charm, and taste for fashion got her named Miss Missouri in 1986. She didn’t stop there - she landed the fourth runner-up spot in the 1987 Miss America competition after wowing the judges with her vocal rendition of Don’t Rain on My Parade. Her constant positivity and upbeat attitude have transferred over to her work in hair and makeup - she’s so well liked on set that she was once hired just to wrangle babies! But it’s her professional attitude and work ethic that keep her active in print, television, and film projects around the region. She never stops looking for spectacular products to add to her makeup kit, and she’s never, never bored by what she does. When you’re in love, everything is interesting!

Greatest moment as a stylist: “When a woman I was working with looked in the mirror and began to cry. She finally saw she was beautiful.”

The one product she insists on: “The Umera eylash curler rocks. Eyebrows that are properly shaped and filled in can completely enhance your face.”

Inspiring moment: “I remember being 16 and working as a model for a perfume ad in Chicago. The makeup artist was an Italian man who painted the skin with watercolor. His artistry was perfection, and I knew one day I would move behind the camera and create art like that.”



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