Joseph E

Joseph E
  • Location St. Louis
  • Status AEA, SAG
  • Audio

High Fives!

Joe was AMAZING!! He fit the role perfectly and we were so happy with his performance! Definitely a star! - BizLibrary

"Joe was wonderful. It is refreshing to have an actor come to set fully prepared and with such a positive attitude. Thanks again for all of your help!" --Jonathan Reich, Producer - WriteBrain Films

"Joe Erker is a true pro with a smooth and believable delivery. He is always well prepared with a good understanding of the content provided and has a deep wisdom of how all of this 'work' must be done. We hope to use Joe again." - Leinicke Group

"Joe read his lines, giving each read a little something different, nailing them every time. He makes it look easy but a good actor does that." - Price Miner 


Warm, friendly voice with solid credibility. Conversational, humorous and authoritative.