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Kathleen E
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For nearly two decades, Kathleen England has been a dedicated reporter for both television and radio in St. Louis. With extensive experience in the field, she has honed exceptional communication skills, including public speaking, and the ability to navigate any media situation with poise and stature. Known for creativity and strong organizational skills, Kathleen thrives on challenges.

Through a career in journalism, Kathleen has gained deep insight into the St. Louis community and has also served in Community Affairs for Nestle Purina for about six years, collaborating with homeless and animal shelters and engaging with students in St. Louis city schools. This role provided Kathleen with a firsthand understanding of the daily challenges faced by these children.

Kathleen's work experience is highly diversified, spanning from reporting to community outreach. The common thread throughout this exciting career is a commitment to effective communication and delivering reliable information to the St. Louis community.