Matuschka L

Matuschka L
  • LocationSt. Louis
  • StatusSAG
  • Audio

High Fives!

"Matuschka is always a delight, we are so happy she was able to work with us again! We love everyone we work with at Talent Plus❤️ - you indeed have top notch people." - from the producer and VP of Content Development in regards to Matuschka Lindo 2.1.17

"She was an absolute pleasure to work with, like always! We love to have her in the studio..." - from a producer after a full-day shoot 1.31.17

"Matuschka did an amazing job. Took direction well. She was prepared and asked good questions. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again." - Brighton Agency

"Matuschka, a gracious and lovely woman, she is a true professional - prepared, ready to do whatever we came up with. She sets a calm tone on a set. I love working with her." - Price Miner